If you want to spend a few wonderful days away from urban hustle and bustle and rest from your daily duties we heartily encourage you to visit ANDY Agrotourism Farm.

Cosy and completely equipped apartments await you to grant you rest after days full of excitement and entertainment, spent on wandering through forest, on the lakeside or bicycle travel around enchanting and calm city nearby. Even on our premises, there is plenty of attractions that will dulcify your time spent with us. We make the swimming pool, barbecue, garden chess, table tennis and other facilities and equipment available to you.

The farm is situated close to the Radun lake, in Walcz - city surrounded by wonderful forests. The city itself has plenty to offer, with the cinema, theatre, relic-listed churches and even some shopping centres. City's surroundings are also abundant with places worth visiting, for example the bunkers of Pomeranian Wall, Olympic Preparations Resort "Bukowina" or the so-called "Magic Hill", where the cars roll up the hill by themselves.

Therefore, we invite you to stay with us, if only for a couple of days, in this beautiful and quaint place.

Unforgettable impressions

"Imagine you're in a magical place. Place, where nature's heartbeat can be heard. Can you feel it? Can you imagine? I couldn't as well, but I know where to go to hear, see and feel the nature. Andy Agrotourism Farm. It's a special place, where you can experience adventure. Admire the miracle of life teeming in forests, on the lakeside and in the urban jungle. There's something for everyone. Some will grasp the ingeniousness of a spider's web, some other will admire the canoeists in training, while yet some other will contemplate on the silence and become lost in thought while fishing. Everyone will rest there. The tiredness after a stroll around the beautiful region along the lakeside or a lenghty bicycle ride is almost soothing.

Fabulously furnished apartments where you'll be spending the night will surely compensate for slightly sore legs. That's comfort and coziness at an affordable price. Makes you want to sing 'In my magical house'. One has to go there to understand. For those indulging in laziness out there, there's still plenty: take the outdoor chess game for example. Boat and canoes await daring ones. All of your stress will simply go away. Delicious breakfasts and welcoming service adds to your 100% relaxation and the energy which once recharged there stays with you way long after you've checked-out."