Historical Wałcz

Before starting to sightsee interesting places of the town, it is worth to find out about its history. Muzeum Ziemi Wałeckiej (The Museum of Wałcz Lands ), being one of the key monuments of the town (placed on the Pocztowa street), will surely help you to extend this knowledge. Neo-Goth Main Post Office is situated at the corner of Pocztowa street and Kilińszczaków street near to the museum. Above the Zdobywców Wału Pomorskiego street, rises an astonishing monument of previous Jesuitical College (currently Zespół Szkół nr 1 im. Kazimierza Wielkiego - eng. The Team of Schools no. 1 named after Casimir the Great ). It is also worth to mention neo-Goth churches – p.w. Św Antoniego (eng. dedicated to St. Anthony) and p.w. św. Mikołaja (eng. dedicated to St. Nicholas).

Grupa Warowna Cegielnia (Fortified Group Cegielnia) – bunkers, open-air ethnographic museum

When visiting Wałcz, you surely have to see an open-air ethnographic museum called Grupa Warowna Cegielnia (eng. Fortified Group Cegielnia) which is localized on the Poludniowa street. It will certainly be a great attraction for any military and WW II history fan. "Cegielnia" is a part of the Pomeranian Line – a reinforcement line which was built by Germans in the 1930s.

Objects which can be seen in the museum are mostly type B bunkers (B-Werk) with the shooting platforms and vast undergrounds.

Environment of Wałcz

Wałcz can be described as an unique town due to the environmental surroundings. As one of the few towns in Poland, it is placed between two lakes – Zamkowe and Raduń. The Zamkowe Lake has almost 11 km of beautiful coast. According to legend, there was a castle in the middle of the lake, that is why it has this name.

The Raduń Lake spreads from Wałcz to Strączno village which is situated about 7 km from Wałcz. Almost half of the coast line is covered by oak and beech forest. Facilities that are located directly at the coast line of “Raduń” are Miejski Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji (eng. Sport and Recreation Centre) with swimming area and water slide, Ośrodek Przygotowań Olimpijskich (eng. Olympic Training Centre) “Morzycówka” - Ośrodek Edukacji Leśnej (eng. Forest Education Centre) or “Tawerna pod wieżą” (eng. Tavern under the Tower) - a restaurant that has a guarded beach.

Beech forest which has

...naturally, lots of attractions. Bukowina – this is how Wałcz citizens call this forest area. It is located very close to our agritourism centre – only 10 minutes on foot. Many bicycle lines and path walks along the Raduń connect all the places which everybody should visit. The most important ones are “Morzycówka” - Ośrodek Edukacji Leśnej (eng. Forest Education Centre) and Ośrodek Przygotowań Olimpijskich (eng. Olympic Training Centre) – a big sport centre. Visitors can use indoor swimming pool, a gym, tennis courts or football pitch. The crucial point of the Bukowina is a hangingly supported footbridge – called a suspension bridge.

Wałcz surroundings

Kłębowiec – Golec palace

Who of us does not like to see some charming ruins of castles and listen to ghost stories related to them? To be honest, there will be no castles and ghosts (probably), but will be no less interesting palace. In Kłębowiec village, 9 km from Wałcz, driving towards Czaplinek town, are placed remains of the once beautiful park – palace foundation. Towering over Kłębowianka palace belonged to the Golec family. Completion of the palace is a park - garden with a rich stand.

Forgotten ironworks

A little underrated and forgotten (and extremely interesting) object, which is worth to keep in mind when exploring Wałcz surroundings, is an ancient water ironworks, which produced metal products, eg. horseshoes. The ironworks is located on the Dobrzyca river near Wiesiółka (on some maps it may appear under the name of Czapla) approx. 12 km from Wałcz.

Sanktuarium Matki Bożej Bolesnej w Skrzatuszu

An extremely interesting place, located not so far away from Wałcz (11 km), is Skrzatusz. You can get there by riding the national road no. 10 in the direction of Pila. Skrzaturz has a Roman Catholic church pw. Wniebowzięcia Najświętszej Maryi Panny (eng. dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary). Its uniqueness is not only because of being an architectural gem, but also because of its rich history.

As a baroque building, it will amaze by its rich ornaments, saturated colours and illusionary frisks of exceptional depth and three-dimensionality.

Magnetic hill

One of the most unique Wałcz attractions is situated between Strączno and Rutwica and that is a magnetic hill, also called a magic hill. This hill has earned this name because of the peculiar anomaly that has been observed there. There has to be some reason, physical or even magical, that objects (bottles or cars) instead of roll, take the opposite direction – they move up.